A Prayer for Ukraine

Jesus of Nazareth

A Prayer for Ukraine

In 1934, Saint Faustina prayed for her native country of Poland. She recorded her prayer, and the response of our Lord, in her diary, entry 286. I trust Saint Faustina will not mind if we offer this prayer for Ukraine today:

“Most merciful Jesus, I beseech you through the intercession of Your Saints, and especially the intercession of your dearest Mother who nurtured you from childhood, bless Ukraine. I beg you, Jesus, look not on their sins, but on the tears of little children, on the hunger and cold they suffer. Jesus, for the sake of these innocent ones, grant me the grace I am asking of you for Ukraine.”

After she said this, Saint Faustina “saw the Lord Jesus, His eyes filled with tears,” and He said to her, “You see, My daughter, what great compassion I have for them. Know that it is they who uphold the world.”

Pope Francis has called for a day of prayer and fasting on March 2 for peace in Ukraine.

Image: Theotokos of Vladimir, 12th Century icon (downloaded from Wikipedia Commons).

Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet every day for the salvation of souls!

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