Mercy on Calvary

Divine Mercy, Jesus of Nazareth

Mercy on Calvary

“Say the word, Lord. I am ready to strike. Say the word, and I will destroy all those who kill you.”

“Put away your sword, Michael. It is for their sake that my blood is being spilled.” (1275)

“But you desire justice, Lord. It isn’t just for you to suffer. Let these people bear the punishment for their sins.”

“The greater the sinner, the greater the right he has to My mercy.” (723)

“But how can you bear this pain, Lord?”

“The flames of mercy are burning me. I desire to pour them out on human souls. Oh, what pain they cause me when they do not want to accept them!” (1074)

“I cannot stand to watch you suffer, Lord. Look at your mother’s face, wet with tears. Please, let’s end this suffering.”

“The loss of each soul plunges Me into mortal sadness. I do not want to punish aching mankind, but I desire to heal it, pressing it to my merciful Heart. I am not thinking about myself, but about poor sinners. I am praying for them to my Father.” (1397, 1558, 1324)

“But they hate you, Lord. They beat and mock you. They treat you like a criminal.”

“For them I descended from heaven to earth; for them I allowed Myself to be nailed to the cross; for them I let My sacred heart be pierced with a lance, thus opening wide the source of mercy for them.” (1485)

“But surely the worst souls cannot receive your mercy, Lord.”

“On the Cross, the fountain of mercy is opened wide by the lance for all souls- no one have I excluded!” (1182)

“Your mercy is wondrous indeed, oh my Jesus. Your mercy is unfathomable to creatures.”

“Mercy is the greatest attribute of God. All the works of My hands are crowned with mercy. Let the greatest sinners place their trust in My mercy. Souls that make an appeal to My mercy delight Me. To such souls I grant even more graces than they ask. I cannot punish even the greatest sinner if he makes an appeal to My compassion, but on the contrary, I justify him in My unfathomable and inscrutable mercy. Before I come as a just judge, I first open wide the door of my mercy.” (301, 1146)


The quotations from Jesus above were spoken to Saint Faustina Kowalska and are found in her diary, Divine Mercy in my Soul, with the diary entry numbers indicated in parentheses. The one exception is the line “Put away your sword, Michael.” The quotations from the archangel Michael are my own invention to make this a dialogue on Calvary. In some instances (forgive me, Lord) I tweaked the words of Jesus very slightly to make them work as a dialogue with Michael.

There is an entry in Saint Faustina’s diary (474) in which she sees an angel about to strike the earth. Saint Faustina begged for mercy but to no avail. Then suddenly, she saw the Most Holy Trinity, and began to pray again, with words she heard interiorly. The angel was now helpless to carry out the punishment.

Saint Faustina prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet. The next day, Jesus told her to say this prayer every time she entered the chapel.

Image: What the Lord Saw on the Cross by James Tissot (downloaded from Wikipedia Commons).

Michael Haverkamp

Michael Haverkamp is a lifelong member of the Roman Catholic Church. He is grateful to his parents for raising him in the faith. He resides in Columbus, Ohio with his amazing wife and three sons. By day he is a (usually) mild-mannered grant writer.

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  1. Michael, thank you for publishing these very consoling words uttered directly by Our Lord and Savior, Jesus. If I can add a quote I once heard from Msgr Lane, “Reason for hope, God loves me enough to die for me.”

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