Our Father

Sermon on the Mount

Our Father

Our Father,

We are so blessed to be Your children!

Your love and mercy have no end.


May every knee bend before You,

and may every tongue reverence Your Holy Name!


May the communion of love that binds Your kingdom

dwell freely in our hearts here on earth.

And may this love

that flows from the Sacred Heart of Your Beloved Son

flow from our hearts as well and enrich the whole world.


For love and mercy,

justice and truth

are Your will,

and when we trust in You,

You Will take care of everything,

and earth will know the joy of Heaven.


As You always do, tend this day to our needs:

bread to fill our bellies,

and the Bread of Life to nourish our souls.


Father, You know our weaknesses,

and You know how we ache for Your mercy.

Forgive us when we betray You.


And grant us the grace we need to forgive others.

We have received Your mercy.

Your justice rightly demands

that we show mercy to our brothers and sisters.


Father, You know our weaknesses.

We need trials to grow closer to You,

but spare us from trials and temptations

which are too much for us to bear.


Lead us home, Father.

Lead us to Heaven.

Fill our hearts with your love and peace.


Image: The Lord’s Prayer (Le Pater Noster) by James Tissot (downloaded from Wikipedia Commons).

Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet every day for the salvation of souls.

Michael Haverkamp

Michael Haverkamp is a lifelong member of the Roman Catholic Church. He is grateful to his parents for raising him in the faith. He resides in Columbus, Ohio with his amazing wife and three sons. By day he is a (usually) mild-mannered grant writer.

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